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BOSS carbon 146.43 141.42 137.41 133.40

You have to be a bit of a connoisseur to appreciate everything this board has to offer. Boss was created based on the requirements of professional riders. It is finetuned in a way so that most unhook tricks are as easy to perform as possible and, after the pop, the board automatically helps you with rotating tricks.

With Boss, we used a special layered core technology, which made it possible to precisely finetune the curvature of the board and, in conjunction with the carbon fabric, the right stiffness.

Hard-to-please riders will love the precise reactions to your every move, reliability in pops and landings, accuracy in handling and stability at high speed.

If you are the demanding type when it comes to your board, Boss is the one for you.

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749.00 € incl.21% VAT (fins included)
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BOSS carbon







Size of fins

4 cm


high continuous

Level of rider

pro / advanced


straps / boots

Sword technology

For most of our boards, we use the uniquely developed layered core construction. The core is layered similarly to steel in the manufacture of swords. Subsequently, the individual layers of the core are glued only after bending in the press. Thanks to this construction, it is impossible for the board to lose its curvature over time, as is the case with classic single-layer constructions. This way our boards can be the thinnest on the market.

Eight longitudinal channels

Eight longitudinal channels are precisely milled into the wooden core. In contrast to the classic channels forming by pressure, our channels are deeper with sharp angles, which results in maximum control over your track.

Polyurethane edges

The edges are cast from a mixture of polyurethane into a wood core. Compared to the classic ABS edges, they are much stronger and more durable. In addition, they can be easily repaired by edging when scratched.

Carbon fabric

Specially layered carbon gives the board the necessary rigidity and distinctive pop. Thanks to two layers on the top and bottom, the board is very stable at a higher speed.

CNC shaped wood core

A wooden core, the heart of our boards, is irreplaceable for its typical lightness and other features. Using the CNC cutting technology, we are able to create a 3D profiling with sharp angles, essential for directional stability.

Hardened Protective Foil

The top layer of all our boards is coated in a very durable and resistant structured foil which significantly extends their life.


Our standard binding model which is the perfect match with our boards. Comfort and support played a key role in the development and choice of materials used.

119.00 € incl.21% VAT


A highly comfy binding model with a strong grip and a good leg support. Two straps make it easy to adjust to the shape of your foot. Binding angle is adjustable for maximum comfort.

149.00 € incl.21% VAT



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142.43,5 140.42,5 136.41,5
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Freestyle | Air style

Boss carbon Boss carbon Boss carbon

Boss carbon

146.43 141.42 137.41 133.40
749.00 €
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Freestyle | Air style

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